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avtakbar - klebemiddel - 14" - for ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 21AH; X1 Carbon Gen 10 21CB, 21CC; X1 Carbon Gen 9 20XW, 20XX
37 På lager Innkommende 3Stk. Ytterligere lager forventes 16.07.24
Produsent Lenovo
Artikkelnummer 4XJ1D33268
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    • Reversible solution: gloss option for better clarity or matte option for anti-glare in bight conditions
    • Designed to seamlessly fit your device
    • Easy to install, attach and reattach with a COMPLY attachment from 3M that is now more durable, stronger, aesthetically pleasing and easy to share your screen without risk of loss
    • Can be cleaned multiple times with most household cleaners without compromising product functionality
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